Tips for Saving Money with Propane Heating

Colder winds are already sweeping through southern Ontario, and when temperatures drop, it’s crucial to be able to keep your home cozy efficiently throughout the winter months.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of activities and lose sight of your heating use as the Holiday season approaches. The majority of householders are completely unaware of how simple it is to lose money on energy usage.  Read along as we discuss the 4 major heating mistakes you should avoid as you prepare for this winter season.

Cranking the Thermostat To The Max

Many homeowners believe that cranking up the heat would help the house warm up faster. Unfortunately, that isn’t quite how it works. All this does is lengthen the time your system is up and operating. It’s better to lower your thermostat to a comfortable level and wait for the heated air to dissipate.

Did you know that every degree above 72 degrees might result in a 1-3 percent rise in your energy usage? This seemingly insignificant difference can amount to a significant cost over the course of the season. If 70 degrees isn’t enough, try using different strategies to remain warm, such as wrapping yourself in a fluffy blanket or layering your clothing. After all, it’s free and typically works perfectly!

Neglecting HVAC maintenance

Even though your HVAC unit appears to be in fine working order right now, it’s a good idea to call local furnace firms to see which of them can assess your system and ensure that it will run smoothly during the winter season.

Leaving windows and doors open

Heating your home takes a significant more amount of time than cooling it. You must always ensure that there are now windows or doors being left open, even if it’s just ajar as this can cause the home temperature to drop significantly. Check your house for any open windows and doors and close them firmly to avoid making this common error.

Closing vents

If you assume that closing vents in vacant rooms would save you money, you’re mistaken. Preventing airflow through specific rooms may result in a system imbalance, which might lead to major consequences. Some homeowners feel that covering the vents in unoccupied rooms will produce enough heat for the rest of the house. This, however, is not a good idea. Your heating system, like the ductwork, is properly sized to deliver heat evenly throughout your home. If the heat dispersion isn’t balanced, your heating system will be put under more strain, lowering its efficiency. Keep all of your vents open to allow warm air to move throughout your home and maintain a steady temperature.

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