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fleet-iconnnFleet Refueling Services

If you have a trucking fleet in Ontario, you know how critical it is to your operation to have access to fuel in a timely and efficient manner.

Since 1997 we’ve been fueling trucks and keeping operations like yours moving like clockwork. We are very proud to say that a high number of our clients in the trucking, landscaping and construction industries remain very loyal to us and that doesn’t happen without providing premium service.

What else makes our clients so loyal? We, at Brown’s Fuels, innately understand what matters most. We are on time and very reliable. Most importantly, we are flexible enough to meet unexpected needs. One of our core values is to have a real person answer the phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week whenever you need us. And that person will already have the keys to the truck in one hand by the time your call has ended.

Our business is your business and for us, it’s personal!

That’s how our customers have grown and that’s why we’ve grown. You can count on us. Even during black-outs we still answer the phone.

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heavy-iconOnsite Heavy Equipment Refueling Services

Jobs can’t wait because you’re out of fuel. In order to provide consistent, reliable service to your clients, you need to get your fuel when you need it.

In addition to servicing your fleet at your facility, we also offer mobile refueling services. We are always happy to come to your work site and fuel your heavy equipment onsite.

Are you thinking about changing your fuel supplier for your heavy construction equipment? Which of the following situations best describes you?

  • Your current fuel supplier is often late, or doesn’t show up at all.
  • You’ve outgrown your current supplier.
  • Your employees are wasting time going somewhere to fuel their trucks and billing you man-hours for time NOT spent on the job.
  • You suspect you’re wasting time and money because you lack the proper reports.

Brown’s has seen it all, and heard it all. And we can help you fix this!

While larger fuel suppliers may not have time to care about your business, our goal is to earn your trust for the lifetime of your business.   This means we are deeply committed to giving you the service you deserve.

Our core genius is to help you fix the problems that bleeds money out of your business. We want to help your company be more productive, efficient and save time, so you can start focusing on the stuff you really want to focus on.

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residential-iconResidential Home Heating Services

Brown’s Fuels supplies residential propane & home heating fuel.

Are you looking for a professional and reliable home heating fuel delivery service for your residential home heating?

We deliver heating oil and propane to rural properties and homes in many areas in Ontario including; Milton, Acton, Flamborough, Campbellville, Hamilton, Guelph, Georgetown, Oakville, Burlington, and surrounding  areas. If you need “next day” delivery we can do that too.  Just make sure you have the right paperwork on hand.

Need Next Day Delivery?

If you are a new client, we can deliver next day. We require a TSSA inspection certificate from an authorized company and certified service technician on your heating system (this is good for 10 years) and a valid credit card. Download your credit application to get started today. If you are an existing client, all calls prior to 4:00 pm may be delivered to you the next day.

Woops! It’s an Emergency. Your home oil tank is on Empty.

If you don’t have a current TSSA comprehensive inspection, we can send you our technician to inspect your system and provide you with paperwork. If everything okay, our service tech can pour in 40 liters of fuel and bleed the system to get your heat back on. Certain fees do apply. Please call for current quotes, as fuel prices change every day, and the price may vary depending on how far the technicians have to travel. On average, you should expect to be charged around $150, for an emergency call.

Call us today! Local: 905.875.4800 | Toll-Free: 1.888.542.7799

Worry-free automatic Residential Oil Delivery

We track the outdoor temperature and your fuel usage to make sure you never run out. Whether you forget, are on vacation, absent, or unable to track the system yourself, we can ensure that you don’t have to worry about keeping your home heated. With Brown’s Fuels, you have peace of mind.

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Our Promise To You:

Our promise to you is this. We’ll stand behind our promises and we’ll never under-deliver. You’ll get a straight answer to any question. At the end of the day our goal is to make you more productive and make Brown’s Fuels your trusted one stop source for fuel supply.

Whether you choose fuel tank delivery, truck to truck, or direct to equipment delivery, you’ll find our crew to be caring and professional. They are also very well trained and in full compliance with all safety and industry regulations including TDG, CPPI and WSIB.

Meet the Team & Compare

What’s next? We invite you to call us to schedule a site visit. You will meet one of our veteran problem solvers.
You choose the time and place. We’ll likely need less than an hour to determine if we can wow you with our exemplary service.

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