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For many Canadian houses, propane heating is a popular alternative to electric heating. Every year, an increasing number of households make the move to propane for heating their homes. Some families even combine their propane heating systems with their current electric heating systems, allowing them to use both fuel sources. However, if you’re considering switching to propane, it’s critical that you deal with a business that will always be there for you, ensuring that your house remains warm during the cold winter months. Learn more about the advantages of having your propane delivered automatically to your house in Southern Ontario.

The Benefits of Propane Heating

It’s Reliable

When you have electric heating as your only source of heating, you’re at the mercy of the grid. Branches can fall during an ice storm, damaging electrical lines. If your electricity goes out, you won’t be able to heat your home until maintenance staff can come out and fix it.

However, when you make the move from electric to propane, you are no longer dependent on the grid. In other words, as long as you regularly work with a reliable fuel delivery service for your propane, you’ll never have to worry about your heat going out or your propane running out. No more unexpected cold winter nights.

It’s Efficient

When compared to other fuel sources, homeowners that transition to propane enjoy better value and comfort. When it comes to heating alternatives, it’s this value and comfort that makes the most difference. A propane furnace heats the air to between 130 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas electric heat pumps provide heat that is below your body temperature. This is a significant benefit during severe snowstorms, which are common in Canada. Propane heat is also acknowledged for helping households reduce pollutants, making it incredibly environmentally friendly.

It Saves You Money

Propane is a versatile and cost-effective fuel that may be used for space heating, water heating, appliances, laundry dryers, backup generators, and more. You keep your house pleasant while reducing energy costs, and minimizing pollutants to the environment. Propane can help you save money in a variety of ways. Propane heat lasts longer than natural gas or electricity, so you receive more heat for less money. Dryers, ovens, fireplaces, water heaters, and generators are just a few of the domestic appliances that run very efficiently on propane. Instead of paying a monthly bill, you can buy propane as you need it.


Simple modifications may have a significant impact. Brown’s Fuels is dedicated to providing you with the service you expect and deserve. Inquire about our propane delivery services if you’re looking for a safer, more adaptable, and cost-effective option. You’ll quickly realize how satisfying and cost-effective it is to make the transition!


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