If you have been considering making the switch over to propane from oil, Brown’s Fuels has the right heating option for you. Using propane to operate your utilities and heat your home, has so many amazing benefits you may not be aware of; specifically you will enjoy environmental friendly heating that is dependable, green and clean, and most importantly, cost-effective.

While the price of crude oil may be dropping, and as a result heating fuels such as oil are decreasing, don’t let this deter you from transferring to propane. You will find that propane is a more long-term economical choice even still. Plus, the advantages of propane for your home far outweigh potential upfront savings with oil.

Let’s take a look at the specific advantages you’ll experience when you make the switch to propane!

oil to propane conversion

Flexible Options

Propane will do way more than simply heat your home – Operate and run your oven, dryer, water heater, fireplace, stove and more. Not only that, but it can be your go-to backup should you lose power due to a terrible storm or severe weather conditions. How about your swimming pool? Yes you can extend the swimming season to heat your pool!

Liability and Home Insurance

Several home insurance policies have strict guidelines on how oil tanks should be placed, operated, and sustained to your coverage. Remember to check the fine print of your policy, because this detail might mean that you have to purchase a new oil furnace before the equipment even stops performing properly!  Oil leaks can also be very concerning and challenging to clean up. Did you know that just one gallon of oil can contaminate one million gallons of drinking water? Scary!  The tiniest hole in your tank could consequently spill a significant amount of oil. Cleaning up this oil spill may include replacing the tank and supply lines and ridding of any contaminated soil. In worse situations, you may need to work on replacing your home’s foundation, if affected.

Environmental Impact

Propane is clean burning and as a result leads to much fewer emissions than oil does. When oil burns it produces carbon which of course contributes to global warming. Propane has much lower carbon content than oil, gas, diesel, kerosene, and ethanol. With very little carbon footprint, high efficiency solutions can play an important role in combating climate change.

 Propane is clean and green. In fact it is free of toxins which make it an environmentally safe option if leaked into the air, soil or water. With the nice weather out there many of us are pulling out the barbeques! An interesting fact about your grill? Propane grills produce 50% less greenhouse gasses than charcoal grills. Some food for thought when you’re contemplating making this change!

Cost-Effective Solution

Oil furnaces that are older usually have an efficiency rating of approximately 60, which essentially means 60 cents for each dollar you spend goes to generating heat for your home. When it comes to propane on the other hand, most propane furnaces function at a 90% efficiency level or greater, so in turn you will save 30 cents or more for each and every dollar you put towards propane heat. Don’t forget the cost per gallon either, which is much lower with propane.

Simple easy changes can have a big impact. Brown’s Fuels is extremely committed to giving you the service you ask for and deserve. If you’re seeking a safe, more versatile and affordable solution, ask us for more information regarding propane. You will soon discover how rewarding and financially beneficial making the switch over can be!

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