Did you know that manufactures of propane include a strong, rotten egg type smell to propane so you can easily smell it immediately if there is a leak?

If and when you suspect a propane leak in your home, be sure to follow these important safety steps below. You can also get in touch with Brown’s Fuels for more information on how to prevent such a thing from happening in the first place. We are the experts and are readily available to help you should you have any concerns.

detecting propane leaks

Look for Leaks in the Propane Tanks

The easiest method in identifying propane gas leaks is if you smell the unpleasant rotten odor that the manufacturer has included. With that said if you have no sense of smell, or if you are elderly and/or on medication that may affect your sense of smell, there needs to be another way. In rare cases, the smell added by the manufacturer may actually dissipate, which of course wouldn’t help you detect the odor.

Taking a close look at the propane tank leak is actually pretty simple.  Smear soapy water or a leak detector solution on the propane tank’s cylinder valve and regulator outlet. Open the cylinder valve carefully and slowly; you will likely notice bubbles appearing if there is a leak.

Limit Risk of Fire or Explosion

There is always the possibility of a fire or explosion when there is a gas leak of any kind, as the smallest ignition could cause fire to erupt. After you’ve confirmed that there has in fact been a gas leak, you’ll need to of course put out any flames. Never turn on household appliances, use your phone, or turn on any lights. A tiny small spark could contribute to an explosion.

Turn Off Main Gas Supply Valve

If you can do it safely, shut off the main gas supply valve by turning it clockwise; this stops the chance of more propane gas leaking out into the rest of your house.

Evacuate Home Immediately

If it’s possible, open up all of your in windows in your home and safely leave. Open windows will help tremendously in removing some of the built-up gas which will in turn limit the chances of fire. Don’t take time to grab any personal belongings, as this can be risky. Inhaling propane gas can affect your breathing and may even cause you to pass out.

Emergency Call

Call 911 if necessary or your propane supply company immediately after you have safely exited your home and are a safe distance from your property. Your fire department and fuel supply company will be available to assist you 24/7 whenever necessary.

Leaks Must be Stopped Before You Can Re-Enter

You need to stay away from your house until the fire department has looked after everything and it is entirely safe to reenter. Remember that your belongings can wait; inhaling propane can be very damaging to your health or wore, deadly.

Schedule Propane Tank Inspection

Prior to using your appliances that are fueled by propane, make sure you arrange a propane tank inspection first to make sure the leak is fixed and there is no chance that it could occur again. We suggest that you schedule regular propane gas tank inspections so you and your family are properly protected.

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