It’s crucial that fleet management companies have a strong understanding of the different types of fuels used to power various vehicles and equipment. This seems like common sense at first, however, it’s quite the foreign concept to the everyday person who is only accustomed to pulling up to a gas station and filling up their tank. Please read along as we discuss the different types of fuel and how they can be used to increase efficiency.


The most popular form of fuel is gasoline, which is used in the majority of automobiles. A blend of hydrocarbons obtained from crude oil is used to make gasoline. It’s crucial to remember that not all gasoline is made equal; there are three types of gasoline: ordinary, premium, and super-premium. Most economy vehicles in North America are built to operate on ordinary octane fuel, but some are engineered to run on both high and regular octane fuels. Check your vehicle owner’s handbook to see what octane level is suggested for your car. Brown’s Fuels provides top-of-the-line unleaded gasoline to fleet management companies who want the finest fuel for their cars.


As diesel fuel is similar to oil used to heat homes, it may be used in many of the same engines. In truth, most diesel vehicles are classified as heavy-duty since they are designed to haul massive weights or pull trailers. The primary contrast between gasoline and diesel engines is that diesel engines use compression ignition rather than spark plugs to ignite the fuel mixture. This implies that diesel engines do not require an electrical system, making them significantly more durable than their gasoline engine counterparts.


Ethanol is a renewable fuel derived from plant materials such as maize or sugarcane that may be used to replace gasoline. E85 is flex-fuel vehicle-compatible gasoline that includes up to 85 percent ethanol. There are automobiles that can operate on either gasoline or E85 with no changes. One advantage of utilizing ethanol as a fuel is that it decreases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.

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For over 20 years, Brown’s Fuels has been aiding fleet managers and delivering trustworthy refueling services. Our major objective is to continuously increase the efficiency of your fleet operations. We are here to help you, whether you are a corporation or a person. We provide a number of choices to help you make the most of your refueling trip. Brown’s Fuels also provides a variety of fuel types to meet your needs, including gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and E85. We recognize that every customer has different demands and objectives, and we are here to help you find the ideal option for you.

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