Propane Can Do That! #LPGday

Did you know that propane is low-emission, affordable and versatile? Propane can do just about anything!

Propane can do that!

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Auto Propane – #LPGday

@WorldLPGAssoc There’s a reason why auto propane is the most popular alternative fuel!

School bus operators, taxis and police fleets are doing it because of lower fuel and maintenance costs, it’s reliable, offers high performance and is a low-emission fuel option!

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Propane in Agriculture – #LPGday

Propane in Agriculture: Low emission, low cost propane powers today’s high performance farms!

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Buying a House with a Propane Heating System? Here’s What You Need to Know

If you are purchasing a home this winter, you no doubt have several difficult decisions to make. When it comes to heating your home and running your appliances, we believe it’s a great move to purchase a home that uses propane/natural gas as its primary energy source. With that said however, there are some topics […]

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3 Reasons Too Switch to Brown’s Fuels for the Fall Season

Fall is such a wonderful season with lots to celebrate. As Thanksgiving passes and Halloween is just around the corner, like most years we will now witness the temperatures dropping by the day. While we are sure lucky to witness such a beautiful scene outside as the leaves share their colours with us, it’s a […]

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Fall is Perfect for a Cozy Fire: Will You Choose Propane or Wood?

The temperatures are dropping soon and it’s almost that time of year where all you want to do is curl up in a comfy sweater with a book and relax by the fire. Fall is beautiful and when it comes to keeping warm in your home, a fireplace truly gives off that perfect warm and […]

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Know Your Fuel Types; There’s A Reason They Exist!


For many fleet managers one of the most basic concepts to understand is the difference between the multiple different types of fuels that are used to power different types of vehicles and equipment. While this may be common knowledge to maintenance managers and industry veterans, it is a strange concept for commuters who are used […]

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Make a Difference to Your Fleet’s Bottom Line

Fleet managers are constantly looking for new ways in which they can minimize their costs while maintaining cost-effective commercial fuel services. The good news is that there are many ways in which you can reduce your fleet’s highest cost. Let’s take a look at ways in which you can increase your bottom line while saving on costs […]

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Keep Your Greater Toronto Area Farm Going With Reliable Fuel Services

Farmers know that operations grind to a halt when fuel needs can’t be fulfilled. It’s why many have started relying on Brown’s Fuels to keep the tractors and combines moving. Brown’s Fuels not only brings the fuel to you and your farm; we even offer fuel cubes for sale and rent that can be transported […]

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Possible Propane Leak? These are the Steps You Should Take

Did you know that manufactures of propane include a strong, rotten egg type smell to propane so you can easily smell it immediately if there is a leak?

If and when you suspect a propane leak in your home, be sure to follow these important safety steps below. You can also get in touch with Brown’s […]

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