Residential Propane for Home Heating

When the cold weather has officially arrived; and there’s a chill in the air and snow on the ground, there’s nothing quite like the warm comfort of propane heating, especially on the cold winter days we’ll soon expect here in Southern Ontario. At Brown’s Fuels, we deliver propane heating to homes across the region, including Milton, Hamilton, Oakville and more.  We will ensure that you are prepared and set for the winter months ahead by installing your tanks, lines and appliances.

Propane Auto Scheduled Delivery

Many of our valued clients subscribe to our worry-free automatic delivery service. Sign up today and you’ll never have to check your propane levels again. And you’ll never ever run out when you need it the most. Our automatic fuel delivery system allows you the peace of mind knowing your propane is always available when you need it most. We track the outdoor temperature and your fuel usage to make sure you never run out. Whether you forget, are on vacation, absent, or unable to track the system yourself, we can ensure that you don’t have to worry about keeping your home heated. With Brown’s Fuels, you have peace of mind.


We monitor and track your needs based on factors like the size of your house, usage rates, the weather and we’ll be at your door before you even have to think about it.

Emergency Propane Services

If you prefer to monitor it yourself, you call us before 4:00 pm and we can be there the very next day. Our goal is to keep you from falling below a quarter-tank, and we’ll never do a partial refill – we always fill it to the brim. Should there be an emergency and you do run out of propane after business hours, rest assured we will help!

Call us immediately after hours for emergency service at 1-888-542-7799 and we’ll get your tank filled up as soon as possible.

Reliable Home Heating with Propane

Because propane is a clean burning fuel, your equipment and appliances won’t need much cleaning or maintenance. Each and every propane tank that we install is inspected and re-qualified by our team of Certified Technicians. We will also conduct a visual inspection of your tank during every delivery to be sure that your tank or cylinder is never outdated and it continues to meet current standards.

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So Why Switch to Propane Heating?

Today more people than ever are recognizing the many benefits that are associated with propane and converting to propane to heat their home and operate their appliances.

  • Flexible –  Aside from heating your home, propane can be used for several practical purposes homeowners love; cooking heating your garage or swimming pool, drying clothing, and grilling on your BBQ. Not only that, propane furnaces and boilers are available in several shapes and sizes which means homeowners have greater options on placement in your utility space.
  • Resourceful – Propane is very environmentally friendly due to the fact that it has low emissions of carbon monoxide; in fact, it is close to 95% efficient.
  • Easy to maintain – Your family will enjoy staying cozy and warm and your equipment will run longer with clean-burning propane. Appliances and other equipment that run on propane don’t require much maintenance and also have an extended lifespan.
  • Safe – Did you know that propane is one of the safest fuels you can use at home or at your place of business? Propane is entirely free of toxins; it is also lead-free and is made up very low levels of Sulphur. In comparison to other fuels, it also has the lowest flammability range. It’s important to keep in mind however that for the greatest level of safety, it is handled properly and cared for with the necessary maintenance levels required.
  • Cost-Effective – Propane is known to save homeowners money depending on the equipment being used. As mentioned above, a propane furnace or boiler usually functions at efficiency levels of 95%. If your home currently operates on an older heating system, this may be the perfect chance to convert to propane to not only save money but to improve overall efficiency levels as well.

Propane Safety Guidelines for Your Home

  • If you smell rotten eggs, this may be a sign of a propane leak. Be sure your entire family is familiar with the signs so they can identify the smell if or when a leak occurs.
  • If you do in fact smell a probable leak, evacuate the premises immediately and reach out to your local fire department or your propane supplier. When exiting the property, refrain from touching any electrical outlets including light switches.
  • We highly encourage you to purchase a propane leak detector; these are offered in most local hardware stores and are extremely valuable in protecting your home and family.
  • You should be well familiarized with the layout of your gas service lines, specifically if you are currently completing renovations or landscaping projects.
  • If you think your gas appliance may have been affected by flooding or water, request a service technician to come and review the damage; they can successfully service your system and offer professional advice.
  • All furnaces should be cleaned on a regular routine. Always confirm with your propane retailer or owner’s manual as to directions for cleaning.
  • Should you notice sediment buildup in your propane fueled water heater, simply drain your tank until the water appears to be running clean again.
  • If flames don’t appear to be blue, scheduled to have your range serviced. Yellow flames are a sign of blocked air inlets, or that burner requires an adjustment. Whatever you do, do not line your range with aluminum foil as this limits air circulation.

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