It’s that time of year where the temperatures begin to drop and the beautiful fall leaves are blustering in the wind. Pumpkin Spice and Everything nice, right?

Those summertime, easy living days are behind us now and it’s time to welcome a fresh new season. At Brown’s Fuels we look forward to the Fall because it’s the perfect opportunity to assist our clients in ensuring they are equipped with adequate heating solutions for their home. Plus, who doesn’t like the gorgeous scenery Autumn brings with it?

While we cringe to even think about snow in September on the other hand, the reality is that it’ll make its debut before we know it. Sadly, for some, fall isn’t just about football and falling leaves; it also means winter is just around the corner. Take the time now to do a safety check on your propane system and carry out a thorough checklist so that you are not only readily prepared for the first cold snap, but you can have peace of mind in knowing that everything is in good working condition without any safety concerns.

If your home is currently powered by propane, you want to feel confident that your heating supply will be reliable and consistent, allowing the members of your family to remain comfortable and cozy at all times. To minimize problems down the road, it is important to address potential issues early on. With that said, here are some key considerations to address to better prepare you for the colder months ahead:

  • Propane Tanks Should be Filled Early – Now is the time to order propane if you discover you’re running low. Weather is unpredictable here in the Peel region, which is why it’s never a good idea to put it off until winter is in full swing. As we approach winter officially, propane prices, while not drastic, inevitably increase with the rising demand. Taking care of your tanks now will save you from this hassle and the possibility of running out entirely when you need it most. Preparation is key! While you’re at it, consider subscribing to our worry-free automatic delivery service. Sign up today and you’ll never have to check your propane levels again. Our automatic fuel delivery system allows you the peace of mind knowing your propane is always available when you need it most.
  • Look After Any Propane Repairs– Nobody wants to deal with unexpected repairs, especially in relation to your heating and cooking source, which is why it is highly recommended that you service your home’s propane system as early in the season as possible to detect any leaks or other issues that require maintenance or repair. Regular service keeps appliances running smoothly and efficiently, which ultimately saves you money and reduces surprise breakdowns.
  • Check Your Heating System
    Chances are, you probably haven’t turned your heat on since last fall or winter so hopefully all is working as it should be, but, it’s never good to assume this is the case because a lot can happen in a year. Use this time to have a professional come by to inspect your heating system properly; confirmation that it is clean and operating as it should will save you headaches and money in the long run.
  • Install a Programmable Thermostat – Using a programmable thermostat correctly can contribute to savings of up to 10 percent when it comes to the costs of your heating bills. We suggest aiming for a temperature of 68 degrees for the right balance between energy efficient and comfort. If you’re away for the weekend or even when you go to bed for the evening, you may wish to drop this temperature down even lower.
  • Benefit from the Warm Sun – The sun gives off plenty of warmth this time of year; use this to your advantage and keep curtains and blinds open throughout the day to absorb the sun’s heat. Of course, be sure to close them in the evening when the temperatures drop to keep the heat in. Looking at your window treatments can also decipher whether you have leaky windows bringing in that chilly draft or not.
  • Lower Your Water Heater Thermostat – Many water heater thermostats have a higher default temperature setting than necessary; according to the DOE, 120 degrees is enough for most hot water applications in your home. Try installing low-flow shower heads or temperature sensitive shower valves to save on energy consumption and lower your water heating bill.
  • Go Over General Propane Safety
    Always confirm that your entire family is made aware of the safety precautions surrounding propane. That means what propane smells like and what to do if there is a suspected leak. If you don’t have an emergency response plan in place, notify your family to call both the local fire department and propane supplier should there be an emergency propane leak.

At Brown’s Fuels, we deliver propane heating to homes across the region, including Milton, Richmond Hill, North York, Hamilton, Oakville and more.  We will ensure that you are prepared and set for the winter months ahead by installing your tanks, lines and appliances. Switch your home heating supplier this fall and save with our special propane offer! New propane customers will enjoy free tank installation as well – up to $199 value.

Reach out to us for a quote or for more information on our residential propane services.

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