Fuel costs impact all drivers on the road, especially those managing a fleet of commercial trucks. With the warmer months on the horizon, gas prices usually steadily increase as there are a lot more vehicles on the road.and a lot more families travelling.

As a fleet owner, getting your fuel costs down are a top priority. We’ve put together some tips to reduce your fuel costs.

5 Tips To Reduce Fuel Funds

Use Seasonal Driving Techniques

While the official day of spring is set to occur in ;less than a month away, winter usually lingers for some time longer. When the temperature drops in the fall and carries into the winter, drivers should implement cold weather driving tips.

Cold winter driving tips include:

  • Avoid idling the vehicle to warm it up. Typically, engines warm up faster while driving. While myths dictate that cars warm up best while they are idling, this is not the case. The best practice is to let the vehicle warm up for about 30 seconds and then drive off gently.
  • Avoid using seat warmers and defrosters more than necessary.
  • Ensure your vehicle’s oil is best suited to cold weather

On the flip side, warm weather driving techniques include:

  • As much as we love using air conditioning during those hot summer days, it drains the fuel. Try to avoid using it whenever possible.
  • When driving through a city or town, open the windows to cool down
  • When driving on the highway, use your ac.


Plan Better Routes

Planning ahead when possible is the best course of action for numerous scenarios, driving included. Planning your route ahead of time by taking into account the time at which you are travelling and how busy those routes will be during that time will help you plan a better route. Sitting in traffic is not only a waste of valuable time, but it wastes fuel as well.


Check Your Tires

Tires have a significant impact on fuel consumption. Tire pressure should be checked regularly, as under inflated tires make it more difficult for drivers to accelerate, thus using more gas to power the vehicle. Tires should be inspected monthly to verify that there is an adequate amount of tire pressure.


Perform Routine Maintenance

Performing regular preventative maintenance provides many benefits for a fleet operation, including reducing fuel costs.

Getting regular oil check-ups and changing the oil when necessary can ensure vehicles function properly and avoid using an excess of fuel.


Improve Driver Behavior

The way a driver behaves while out on the road makes a huge difference. Are your drivers accelerating too fast? Do they idle too often?

According to Natural Resources Canada,  rapid acceleration, speeding, extended idling and driving at inconsistent speeds can increase fuel consumption. Driving smoothly can decrease fuel costs by up to 25%!

Using telematics, fleet operators can monitor driver behaviors to be notified of any negative habits. Investing in driver safety training will help identify any weak areas and help them improve. Negative behaviors not only impact fuel consumption, but they are unsafe and should be corrected.

A policy should also be in place for drivers, so that they know what is expected. Including information and guidelines for properly maintaining your fleet is beneficial.


Fleet Refueling Services

As a fleet operator, one of the last things you want to discover is that your fleet is out of fuel. By using Brown’s Fuels, you’ll never have to worry about your fleets running out of fuel again with our fleet fueling services.

In 2003, we introduced an automated computer logging program that allows us to identify and record fuel deliveries made to individual trucks and reefer units. Fuel delivery information is then stored on our server and accessible online, where you can log in any time!

We provide on-site delivery, where you can choose your schedule to have it delivered when and where it is needed most.

Brown’s Fuels is a locally owned business that has been serving the GTA since 1997. We have been supplying homes and businesses with the fuel they need to keep their homes warm and their equipment rolling.

For more information, contact us today or give us a call at 1-888-542-7799.