Wet Hose Fueling

Managing a fleet requires excellent time management skills. If you manage a fleet or if you work in the agriculture industry, you understand the importance of saving time.

Wet hose fueling has become a popular choice for those who operate large vehicles and equipment. More and more businesses are choosing to use wet hose fueling as their preferred method of keeping their fleets fueled and ready to go!

Brown’s Fuels is proud to offer wet hosing fueling services to a number of cities to keep your operations running smoothly!

What is Wet Hose Fueling?

Wet hose fueling—also referred to as wet hosing, direct fueling, on-site mobile fueling or fleet refueling—is a process where tank trucks refuel a company’s fleet on location. Tank trucks are dispatched out to your location to refuel trucks that are not in use and are located at a predetermined location. This is usually done during off-hours when your fleet is not in use, which is beneficial when you run a non-stop operation and you have deadlines to meet.

Wet hosing is commonly used for large scale construction equipment or within the farming and agriculture industry. Wet hose fueling is beneficial for large, stationary equipment.

Wet Hosing Versus In-House Fueling

It is common for construction companies and other businesses to have their own on-site fuel tank and lubricants to top up and maintain their vehicles when necessary. Companies choose this option with the hopes of saving time and money. However, wet hose fueling is a more cost-effective strategy for construction companies and for those in the farming/agriculture industry.

What are the Benefits of Wet Hose Fueling?

There are numerous benefits to using wet hose fueling for your fleet. Here’s a few:

It’s Convenient

You don’t want to waste time stopping to refuel your fleet, bringing production to a standstill. Wet hosing is convenient and doesn’t interfere with productivity. Observe as we deliver the proper fuel directly to the piece of equipment. Wet hose fueling is not only convenient, but it saves you time as well!

It Increases Productivity

Using a fleet management system is imperative when running a large construction or agriculture project. You will never have to worry about sending someone out to refuel your fleet or stopping work to refuel again. You can get back to your job and we can do ours. Fueling your productivity is what we do best.

Decreases the Chance of Theft

A lot of companies opt to have fuel tanks and lubricants stored on site, which could lead to theft and loss in revenue. Additionally, insurance is mandatory for storing fuel tanks on site, which can add stress to your already-lengthy to-do list.

It Reduces Stress

Using an on-site tank can be convenient, but it also poses some insurance and safety concerns. Wet hose fueling is fast, efficient and safe.

At Brown’s Fuels, we hire trained professionals who understand the importance of following safety protocols. We know the proper fuel, oils and lubricants to use. From spills to oil leaks, we’ve seen it all. We can handle the job so you can get back to work.

Why Choose Brown’s Fuels?

We’re Reliable

When you order something and arrange a time, you expect that it will be there on time.

Being on time and being reliable are part of our mandate. When you order something and arrange a time, you expect that it will be there on time.

We believe in timeliness—from our customer service representatives, our dispatchers and our drivers— we care about getting there on time. We know you’ve set time aside from your busy schedule.

We Save You Money

At Brown’s, we offer a variety of promotions to make sure you’re getting the best price possible. We also don’t have any hidden fees, so there will be no surprises when you get your bill!

We Save You Time

You won’t want to lose productivity if your fleet runs out of fuel. Save yourself some stress and some time by choosing us as your trusted fleet refueling provider.

We Have Experience

We’ve been a locally owned and operated company since 1997. We understand that good customer service makes a difference. Our employees are trained professionals with the goal of delivering excellent customer service at all times.

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